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Enneagram 8 Wing 7 (8w7 )

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Introduction to Enneagram 8 Wing 7 (8w7)

The Enneagram 8 Wing 7 (8w7) personality is a fascinating blend of the assertive and leadership-oriented traits of the core Type 8, combined with the outgoing and adventurous characteristics of Type 7. This makes the 8w7 one of the most dynamic and high-energy types in the Enneagram spectrum.

Dominance and Enthusiasm:
An 8w7 is often seen as a powerhouse of energy, ambition, and enthusiasm. They are driven by their core Type 8’s desire for control and power but in a way that is more sociable and expansive, thanks to their Type 7 wing.

The “Maverick”:
Commonly referred to as the “Maverick,” this personality type is daring, independent, and unafraid to take risks. They are natural leaders but with a playful twist, making them more approachable than other Type 8s might be.

Focus on External World:
8w7s are highly extroverted and are inclined to engage with the world around them actively. Their focus is often on the “here and now,” pursuing what interests and excites them without much hesitation.

Like every Enneagram type, the 8w7 faces particular challenges and growth areas. Understanding these nuances can be the key to self-improvement and better relationships for the 8w7.

Core Traits and Characteristics

When you’re looking at an 8w7, you’re essentially looking at a Type 8 that’s been enhanced by the attributes of a Type 7. This combination can create some interesting and unique characteristics.

An 8w7 is typically a natural leader, brimming with confidence and decisiveness. However, their Type 7 wing also adds a certain zest for life and optimism that makes their leadership style less severe and more inclusive.

Adventure Seeking:
The 7 wing’s influence makes the 8w7 more open to new experiences, adventures, and even spontaneity. This adds a fun-loving component to their personality that can be incredibly endearing.

Despite their adventurous streak, 8w7s are usually quite pragmatic and goal-oriented. They are masters at analyzing situations and coming up with effective, straightforward solutions.

Assertive but Social:
They are assertive and not afraid to stand up for what they believe in. Unlike core Type 8s, who can sometimes come across as confrontational, the 8w7’s assertiveness is often tempered by their sociable and charming nature.

External Validation:
One unique trait of the 8w7 is their occasional need for external validation, primarily because of their Type 7 wing. This need can sometimes clash with their Type 8 desire for independence and control.

Common Misconceptions About 8w7

Despite their vibrant personalities, 8w7s are often misunderstood or misinterpreted, primarily because they straddle two very intense Enneagram types.

Not Just Aggressive:
One common misconception is that 8w7s are aggressive and domineering. While they are assertive and like to take charge, their Type 7 wing often adds a level of affability and sociability that softens their approach.

More Than Hedonists:
Another stereotype is that they are hedonistic and irresponsible, mostly due to the influence of Type 7. However, 8w7s are generally quite responsible and goal-oriented, capable of long-term planning and execution.

Depth of Emotion:
It might seem like 8w7s are all about seeking thrills and socializing, but they also have a deeper emotional side. They can form meaningful relationships and are often more sensitive than they initially appear.

Need for Control:
While it’s true that they have a strong need for control, it is often misunderstood as a desire to control others. Most of the time, 8w7s are more interested in controlling their own destiny rather than imposing their will on others.

Not Just Extroverted:
Although 8w7s are generally extroverted, they are not solely reliant on external stimuli for their sense of well-being. They also have an introspective side and can enjoy solitary activities that allow for self-reflection and planning.

Relationships and Interpersonal Dynamics

Understanding how an 8w7 interacts in relationships can provide valuable insights into their behavior, strengths, and challenges in interpersonal dynamics.

In Romantic Relationships:
In love, 8w7s are passionate, expressive, and often take the initiative. Their adventurous spirit keeps the relationship exciting, while their assertiveness ensures that they advocate for both their needs and the needs of their partners.

In Friendships:
With friends, 8w7s are the life of the party. They are incredibly loyal and protective, often taking on a leadership role within their social circles. While

they may not be the most emotionally expressive, their actions speak volumes about their commitment to their friendships.

In the Workplace:
8w7s are often charismatic leaders in professional settings. Their ability to be assertive while still maintaining good relations with their team makes them effective managers. Their propensity for taking risks can result in innovation but may also require some checks and balances.

Parent-Child Dynamics:
As parents, 8w7s are often both fun-loving and protective. They are likely to encourage independence and strength in their children, but their Type 7 wing also means they’ll want to ensure their kids are exposed to a variety of experiences and joys.

Conflict Resolution:
When conflicts arise, 8w7s are not ones to back down. They are confrontational when needed, but their Type 7 wing often allows them to approach conflict in a more balanced and less intimidating manner.

Growth and Personal Development for 8w7

Growth is a continuous journey for every Enneagram type, and the 8w7 is no exception. By focusing on certain areas, they can work towards becoming the best version of themselves.

The first step to growth is acknowledging both strengths and weaknesses. 8w7s need to be aware of their aggressive tendencies and how that might impact others, as well as their potential to seek distractions from emotional pain.

Emotional Intelligence:
Improving emotional intelligence can help 8w7s navigate their relationships more effectively. This involves recognizing not just their own feelings but also the emotional needs and responses of others.

Balanced Lifestyle:
Because 8w7s can be prone to overindulging in sensory experiences or work, striving for a balanced lifestyle is crucial. Incorporating downtime and introspection can provide a well-rounded sense of well-being.

Developing Patience:
For the always-on-the-go 8w7, learning to be patient can be transformative. Patience can make them more approachable and less prone to making impulsive decisions.

Seeking Depth:
Lastly, because 8w7s are often focused on external experiences and achievements, seeking depth in relationships, activities, and interests can lead to a more fulfilling life. This can involve deepening their knowledge in specific areas, or investing time and emotional energy into relationships.

Now that you have an in-depth understanding of the Enneagram 8 Wing 7 personality, you can better appreciate its complexities and unique attributes. Whether you identify as an 8w7 or know someone who does, these insights can guide you in your journey toward personal growth and deeper self-awareness.

Professional Pathways for 8w7s

The dynamic and high-energy nature of the 8w7 can be channeled into a variety of career paths. The combination of leadership skills and an appetite for new challenges makes them suitable for roles that require both strategic thinking and people skills.

Many 8w7s excel as entrepreneurs where their assertiveness, vision, and ability to take calculated risks come into play. They enjoy building something from the ground up and thrive in environments where they have control.

Management Roles:
Their natural leadership abilities make them excellent candidates for management positions. They’re able to make tough decisions, lead teams effectively, and their more affable and social side helps them build rapport with their team members.

Creative Fields:
The influence of the Type 7 wing can often pull 8w7s into creative or artistic careers. While they may not be the ones to create the art, they’re excellent at managing creative teams and steering artistic projects to commercial success.

Adventurous Careers:
Jobs that allow 8w7s to engage in a bit of risk-taking or adventure can also be particularly satisfying for them. Think careers in travel, outdoor expeditions, or even culinary arts where they can explore different cultures and experiences.

Skill Development:
No matter what career path they choose, 8w7s should focus on developing soft skills like emotional intelligence and patience, alongside their natural strategic and leadership skills. This will make them well-rounded professionals who can adapt to various situations.

Health and Wellness Tips for 8w7s

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle is crucial for 8w7s, who are naturally inclined to seek intense experiences, which can sometimes lead to burnout or health issues.

Regular Exercise:
Physical activity is essential for 8w7s. It serves as an outlet for their abundant energy and helps them maintain a sense of control over their bodies, which is something they highly value.

Mindfulness Practices:
Given their tendency to always be on the go, mindfulness techniques can help them become more aware of their emotional state and reduce impulsiveness. Even a simple breathing exercise can make a difference.

Balanced Diet:
Their adventurous streak may make them open to trying all kinds of foods, but a balanced diet should be maintained to keep them in optimal health.

Rest and Recuperation:
Though they may resist it, 8w7s need to understand the value of rest. Time away from their constant activities allows them to rejuvenate and approach their goals with renewed vigor.

Healthy Social Interactions:
Engaging in deep and meaningful relationships can also have a beneficial impact on their well-being. Rather than a large circle of acquaintances, a few strong bonds can offer the emotional support they sometimes neglect.

Misalignment and Stress Management

When out of alignment, 8w7s can exhibit behaviors that are detrimental to both themselves and their relationships. Understanding these triggers can offer insights into managing stress.

Avoiding Escapism:
The Type 7 wing can lead to tendencies of escapism, especially when stressed. Recognizing this and facing issues head-on will improve emotional well-being.

Conflict Management:
Their natural assertiveness can turn into aggressiveness when they’re stressed. Practicing stress management techniques can help them maintain composure in tense situations.

Whether it’s work, food, or other sensory pleasures, 8w7s are prone to overindulging when under stress. Establishing boundaries and self-control mechanisms can help mitigate this.

Need for Control:
A heightened need for control during stressful times can strain relationships. Letting go and trusting others can sometimes yield better results than taking on everything themselves.

Seek Professional Help:
In cases of chronic stress or emotional challenges, 8w7s shouldn’t hesitate to seek professional counseling. Therapy can provide tools for managing stress and gaining emotional clarity.

Spirituality and Personal Philosophy

The dynamic and assertive 8w7 personality often lends itself to a unique blend of spirituality and personal philosophy that can offer a deeper sense of meaning and guidance.

Action-Oriented Philosophy:
8w7s are generally more drawn to philosophies that promote action, control over one’s destiny, and personal strength. This aligns with their natural tendencies and offers a constructive framework for their life.

Spirituality as Freedom:
While not all 8w7s may identify as religious, those who do often see spirituality as another form of personal freedom. It’s less about dogma for them and more about a set of guiding principles that align with their values.

Moral Code:
Despite their aggressive tendencies, many 8w7s operate based on a strong internal moral code. Their spiritual or philosophical beliefs can heavily influence this and serves as a guide in their interactions with the world.

Quest for Knowledge:
The influence of their Type 7 wing also makes them curious about the mysteries of life, existence, and the human psyche. They may be drawn to spiritual or philosophical

teachings that offer new perspectives and wisdom.

Personal Growth:
Finally, their spirituality or personal philosophy often heavily emphasizes personal growth and self-improvement, consistent with their natural desire to become the best versions of themselves.