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Enneagram 7 Wing 8 (7w8 )

enneagram 7

Introduction to the Enneagram 7w8 Type

The Enneagram 7w8, also known as the “Realist Optimist,” is a type that combines the enthusiasm of the Type 7 with the assertiveness of the Type 8. The blend results in a personality that is both outgoing and commanding, unafraid to pursue what they want.

Distinct Traits:
While the core Type 7 loves new experiences and fears missing out, the Type 8 wing adds a layer of assertiveness and control. This makes the 7w8 adventurous but also very straightforward in their approach.

Common Behaviors:
The 7w8 tends to be very action-oriented. They are usually the ones to make plans and ensure that everyone is having a good time. Unlike the 7w6, the 7w8 is less concerned with what others think and more focused on accomplishing what they set out to do.

Perception by Others:
People often see the 7w8 as fun-loving but also strong-willed. They are admired for their zest for life, but some might find them too intense or assertive at times.

While their enthusiastic and bold nature often helps them succeed, it can also lead to impulsiveness or lack of foresight. The 7w8 often has to learn how to temper their immediate desires with long-term planning.

Relationship Dynamics of the 7w8

The 7w8 often seeks relationships that offer excitement as well as a sense of mutual accomplishment. They want partners who can keep up with them in terms of energy and aspirations.

Ideal Partners:
Someone who is both adventurous and independent makes an ideal partner for a 7w8. They appreciate a partner who can enjoy the ride but also hold their own ground.

Friendship Dynamics:
In friendships, the 7w8 is often the “life of the party,” but also someone who doesn’t shy away from difficult conversations. They value friendships where both parties can be candid and straightforward with each other.

Family Relationships:
Within family dynamics, the 7w8 might take on the role of the motivator or the planner. They enjoy taking charge of family events or discussions, often steering them in a direction that promises the most excitement or productivity.

Conflict Resolution:
When conflicts arise in relationships, the 7w8 is likely to tackle them head-on. Unlike other 7s who might evade issues, the 8 wing’s influence makes them more confrontational and direct.

Maintaining Relationships:
Long-term relationships require a bit of work for the 7w8, mainly because they need to learn how to balance their thirst for new experiences with the stability that relationships often require.

Career Choices for the 7w8

In their professional lives, 7w8s are often drawn to careers that offer a blend of excitement and challenge. They are action-oriented and enjoy roles where they can take charge and make visible impacts.

Preferred Sectors:
Fields like entrepreneurship, sales, or any role that involves a lot of strategy and action are typically well-suited for this type. Their ability to take calculated risks makes them particularly effective in high-stakes environments.

Leadership Traits:
As leaders, 7w8s are quite effective in motivating their teams. They provide a mix of inspirational pep talks and direct, clear instructions. They are often unafraid to make tough decisions and can be very results-oriented.

Team Dynamics:
Even as team members, they often naturally take on a leadership role, guiding the team towards objectives most efficiently. While this can be beneficial, it may also lead to clashes with other strong-willed team members.

Job Satisfaction:
Job satisfaction for the 7w8 comes from roles where they have the freedom to take action and see immediate results. They dislike bureaucratic environments and prefer settings where they can exercise some level of control.

Work-Life Balance:
For 7w8s, a balanced work-life scenario is essential but in a different way than most. They need jobs that can be integrated into their lifestyles, offering them the freedom to mix work with pleasure effectively.

Personal Growth and Self-Improvement

7w8s constantly need personal development, driven by their desire for new experiences and their need to be in control. This leads them on a perpetual quest for personal and professional growth.

The first step towards growth for a 7w8 is self-awareness. Understanding their dual nature helps them find a balance between seeking pleasure and exerting control.

Goal Setting:
Given their tendency for impulsiveness, learning the art of goal setting can be invaluable for the 7w8. It helps channel their energy into productive avenues and provides a sense of direction.

Relationship Management:
Improving their relationship skills, particularly in terms of long-term commitment and depth, can add a more enriching dimension to their lives. Learning to balance freedom with responsibility can enhance the quality of their relationships.

Emotional Intelligence:
While they are often very att

uned to their own desires, understanding others can sometimes be a challenge for 7w8s. Developing emotional intelligence can not only make them better partners but also more effective leaders.

Life Balance:
Ultimately, the quest for personal growth boils down to finding a balanced life. For a 7w8, this means a life filled with adventures that also has a solid foundation. Striking this balance is often their lifelong journey.

Challenges and Potential Pitfalls for the 7w8

For all their strengths and robust energy, the 7w8 type faces its own set of challenges. Recognizing these obstacles is the first step toward overcoming them and unlocking their full potential.

One of the most significant challenges for a 7w8 is their impulsivity. Driven by the desire for immediate gratification, they may make rash decisions without fully considering the long-term consequences.

Difficulty with Commitment:
Their need for new experiences can sometimes make it difficult for them to stick with long-term commitments, whether it’s a job, a relationship, or even a hobby. This could lead to a life filled with half-finished projects and superficial relationships.

Tendency to Dominate:
While their assertiveness is often a strength, it can turn into a weakness if not kept in check. Their tendency to dominate conversations and situations can sometimes leave others feeling unheard or steamrolled.

Avoidance of Vulnerability:
7w8s are not the best at dealing with their vulnerabilities. They would rather distract themselves with new experiences than face their fears or insecurities, missing out on potential opportunities for growth and deeper relationships.

Struggle with Routine:
Structured environments and routine tasks can feel stifling for a 7w8. They may struggle in jobs or situations that require long-term, consistent focus rather than short-term excitement.

Tips for Personal Development

Being aware of their challenges can greatly help 7w8s in their self-improvement journey. Here are some actionable tips tailored for their unique personality type.

Pause and Reflect:
Before making significant decisions, especially those driven by impulse, taking time to pause and reflect can save 7w8s from future regret.

Value Depth:
Instead of continually seeking the next big thrill, they should also place value on the deep, meaningful experiences and relationships that make life truly enriching.

Active Listening:
By practicing active listening, they can make the people around them feel valued and heard, thereby improving both personal and professional relationships.

Embrace Vulnerability:
Learning to embrace and even share their vulnerabilities will not only deepen their relationships but also provide them with a more well-rounded sense of self.

Establish a Routine:
Though it might seem counterintuitive, establishing even a loose routine can help 7w8s meet their need for new experiences while also maintaining a sense of stability.

Understanding the 7w8 in Social Contexts

How a 7w8 navigates social scenarios can be a fascinating mix of their Type 7 and Type 8 influences. Here’s a deeper look at their social dynamics.

Communication Style:
7w8s are often forthright and energetic communicators. They can also be very persuasive, combining the Type 7’s enthusiasm with the Type 8’s assertiveness to make compelling arguments.

Friendship Circles:
They are usually at the center of their social circles and often have a large, diverse set of friends. While they love socializing, the quality of friendships can vary, ranging from deep connections to more superficial acquaintances.

Given their outgoing nature and fearlessness in meeting new people, 7w8s usually excel in networking. They see every social interaction as an opportunity for something new and exciting.

Social Limitations:
Because of their desire for constant stimulation, they might find themselves overwhelmed with social commitments. Learning to say no and setting boundaries can be an essential skill for them to develop.

Cultural and Social Sensitivity:
While they are generally open to new experiences, which includes a broad range of cultures and ideas, their assertiveness can sometimes come across as insensitivity. Learning to temper their approach in different social contexts can be beneficial.

Influence of Wing Types

Understanding the influence of both wing types can provide a more nuanced view of the 7w8 personality. Let’s delve into how the adjacent Enneagram types—Type 6 and Type 9—impact them.

Impact of the 6 Wing:
If the Type 6 wing is more influential, the 7w8 may display a heightened sense of loyalty and be more risk-averse. This can somewhat counterbalance their impulsive tendencies.

Impact of the 9 Wing:
A strong influence from the Type 9 wing can make the 7w8 more peace-seeking and diplomatic. It may soften their assertive edges and make them more accommodating in relationships.

Balancing the Wings:
Many 7w8s find that they have characteristics from both wings. Learning to balance these influences can result in a more rounded personality, with strengths pulled from multiple types.

Wing vs. Core Type:
It’s essential to remember that the wing is an enhancement to the core type, not a separate entity. The core desires and fears of the 7 still primarily drive a 7w8, but the wing adds flavor and nuance.

Periodically evaluating the influence of their wings can be a helpful exercise for 7w8s. Understanding

these influences can guide them in their journey toward personal growth and deeper self-awareness.